no one ever really

Berlín se stal. a pak jsem byla líná psát v češtině.

Berlin happened. (WARNING: my english. not good. it's just a little training here) It was rainy, cold and I feel like I was there only for an hour, everything went so fast. Glad we made it to New Masculinity, event by Curated by GIRLS, but all I can say about the whole event is - it was so crowded I couldn't see anything and there was free popcorn. Two flavours. I saw the photos and other projects on their insta later and now I see why everyone wanted to see their work, I'm also craving to see some more now.

AND - I've had top top guide.

PS: I don´t hate Prague anymore. Well, yes, I hate a lot of things I was doing (to) myself and it's easy to understand the hate-feel. It's not fun to read, but it's nice to realize that this city is not a total shit (thanks to shibari lessons, theatre, super interesting people and projects and - maybe 'cause I was a bit spoiled and lazy).