(I will try to write in english. I promise I will do huge mistakes, since it's not my first language, but I have to practise somehow. but who cares, anyway)

I moved. or, to be more specific, I run away to Birmingham. 

first week, I didn't even have my suitcase. I just left it in Brighton (huge thanks to Peter... for everything, but mostly for not throwing it out. I mean, what would I do without my cactus dress!).

now, I've never been homesick. but I've also never been completely alone somewhere - it's like being only with feeling your inner self twice as much.

from running all naked around Glastonbury to the household where you... well, have to behave.

there is one thing I know for sure: I can't live without theatre and performing. it's simple - either that or being depressed and crazy.

I've found out about this supergood medicine in a pub where I met Guy. a few weeks after, Clay Lames happend.

me, speaking about my nightmares and exboyfriends.

1. a 2. - koncert v Barytonu, fotky Andrej Kostic
3. -koncert na Klinice, fotka Andrej Kostic

... and a few months after Clay Lames, it was just me and Guy as Imprint, here we are on Student Fest. this little performance was all about my big crush and drugs and.. yeah, these nightmares was also included.

I need to come up with something new now, or I will die and I promised to Kate and Alex that I will not.