Things left unsaid

 Někdy si přečtete něco, co vás vystihuje tolik, že máte strach to někomu říct, protože byste prozradili všechno. Je to už měsíc, co jsem si tohle na Rookie přečetla a je to už měsíc, co na to nemůžu přestat myslet.
(Napsala Tyler pro Rookiemag)
affair with existence
as a kid
the urge to put a plastic bag
over my head
to lick
an electrical outlet
was so strong
I wanted to play with fire.
now I cross the street without looking for cars
and sometimes I stand a little too close to the edge
of the subway platform
a little too close to the edge
of your heart
one foot over the railing
of your balcony
I straddle the space between life and death
here and


sometimes you grab my hand
and remind me
to stay grounded.
I know you wonder
if I love you
as much as I love
the view from up here.

(I don’t.)
 (Fotila Misha, šaty jsou Jessi)