Chtěla bych malou jizvu na tváři. Jizvy a modřiny jsou tak moc krásný.
Ode dneška budu všechno dělat správně. Správně pro mě.
Abych si nechtěla připadat jako Cassie.


  1. stastna vell = stastna misha.

  2. kazdy si obcas pripada ako Cassie ;)

  3. Hello, I just found your blog through the Fabulous Stains and I love it! Your photos are so pretty, as are you! I worry too much, and the Cassie video you posted frightened me. I just wanted to make sure you're OK? If not, please talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling because as hard as it is, it really really helps! It might really help to speak to a doctor who can refer you to a therapist if you are going through a bad time, so you can get support and help to get through it. Also, if I'm right in thinking that you're in the Czech Republic and you need to talk to someone, you can call the RIAPS hotline at 222 580 697 or if you're not in the Czech Republic, you can find a number at or you can email and they'll try to get back in 12 hours. I hope you're doing OK, lovely! Lots of love, Katie.

  4. Oh, wow. Lovely.
    Neměla by ses cítit jako Cas.
    Ale přiznejme.
    Cassie je boží.


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